Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shopping and Art!

Hiya, Peeps!
Just got back from shopping with my Grandma - we were buying stuff for my Washington DC trip I'll be taking in a few months! Woot woot! We got a good haul, and guess what? I managed to get a PHINEAS OUTFIT! Yay!
And... by Phineas outfit I mean an orange and white striped t-shirt and a pair of denim shorts. So... close enough! Happy! :D I also got a mint green shirt that reminds me of Vanellope, several more pairs of shorts, some pink converse, and a red shirt! I had fun!
So, what are you guys doing for Mother's Day? I got my mom some flowers and something else that I won't mention because she reads this blog. :)
Oh! And in my art class at school, we got a project that I'm really excited about! We're supposed to create a character (which I've made a million of!) and basically make a movie poster for them. For instance, I'm going to use my OC Olivia. Her movie is going to be called "Stronger", based on the song by Kelly Clarkson. (Oh my gosh - it is Olivia's song!). I'm going to draw her in a dramatic pose and all sorts of stuff - I just - *squee!* Hopefully I'll be able to post some pics once it's done!
Anywho, Savannah is out! Peace!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Austin Trip!

Really busy and crazy weekend!
I'm gonna kind of highlight the high points:
  • My group that I was traveling to Austin with got locked in a mall. At night time. And no one working there tried to help. So, we got to go through the behind-the-scenes parts of the mall (the part that in movies you usually see the dripping pipes and spider webs and creepy stuff). We made it out fine, but we were all giggling and just waiting for some monster to come out of nowhere. While that didn't happen, we did see a pole with "How do I kill the boredom?" written on it. O_O Creepy.
    • We hiked. Through campus. And my feet nearly fell off. We saw a lot of weird people (Keep Austin Weird), and there were also several homeless people :( (OH MY GOODNESS- AS I WAS TRYING TO TYPE THE SAD FACE, I ACCIDENTALLY TYPED A PICTURE OF A PERSON WITH A MUSTACHE!!!!). *cough* Sorry.
    • Why are these bullets indenting?
    • My teacher's son came with us on the trip - he's such a cutie! I think he had a bit too much sugar, though! :) I love little kids!!!
  • Um... We skipped the classes that we were supposed to go to today because everyone was exhausted, so instead we explored the capitol building and headed home. The drive is SEVERAL HOURS, so everyone slept on the way home. Except the one person who can't sleep in cars. That's right - moi.
That's all I can think of at the moment, so I'm gonna go! Toodles!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Hey guys! Can't stay for long, 'cause I'm about to go watch Wreck it Ralph with my brother for the billionth time! (LOVE THAT MOVIE! Vanelloppe and Ralph and Felix and Calhoun and... SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!)
Hopefully I'll have time to post a meme that I found online (it's the "Your Room Meme", and I'm excited to do it! Have to straighten up in there first, lol!)
Umm.... recent stuff going on: I've completed three of my four TAKS tests for the year - just one more and then I'll be done for good! *faints from exhaustion* Today's test wasn't so bad, and the one on Tuesday wasn't horrible either - it's just once you're finished, and you have to sit... and stare at the walls... Zzzzzzzzz... It wouldn't be so bad if I could sleep at school (just about everyone else took naps) but I just... can't. I can't make myself sleep at a desk or in a car. Which can be a pain when you're on a bus for 23 hours, and you're the only one awake at 2-3 a.m. (Disney World trip with the band. Wonderful trip, horrible night on bus).
Anywho, I've got to go! I'm going to go "Bundle myself up like a little homeless lady" (Vanelloppe (how do you spell this name???)) on the couch to watch mah current favorite movie! Toodles! *blows kisses*

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Testing, Testing...

Hello, everyone out there in internet world! My name is Savannah! This is my first post on "From My Crazy Mind", my new blog! I've had blogs in the past, but... well, they crashed and burned. :P So, this is going to be my bajillionth attempt at starting and keeping up with a blog. That doesn't mean that I'll post everyday (in fact, it will probably be about once a week).
Umm... a bit about myself... I am a Christian - I have been since I was about seven. I want to bring God glory in what I do, but I sometimes find myself struggling. Hopefully, I will grow closer to Him overtime.
I was diagnosed with a general anxiety disorder when I was little, and also have OCD. So, my mind can be kind of weird (hence, the title of this blog). I obsess over things in phases (movies, books, etc.), and am currently obsessed with Disney's Phineas and Ferb. *fangirl squeal* Given that information, you'll probably see me rambling about it.
My mom also has a blog online, so she might be mentioned here from time to time.
*thinks* Um... I'm not sure what else to type. *awkward silence* So... yup! I guess I'll be going! See ya again later! I'm gonna try to pretty this page up a bit! *waves*